Your application must be received after Annual Placement Conference which takes place in March. The requested documents will finalise your application process for the exchange program. UQAM reserves the right to refuse any candidate who has not submitted a complete application on time.

Your application must include the following :

  • Online UQAM Admission for exchange program ;
  • a letter, in French, describing the educational goals you are pursuing by participating in the exchange program;
  • a course selection form (for projected courses at UQAM)
  • a copy of your transcript indicating the university courses completed as well as a list of courses you are presently registered for at your home university;
  • a letter of recommendation from the Dean, program director or another appropriate authority from the home university;
  • a proof of French langage competencies (for French courses).
  • a copy of your birth certificate or any other document confirming your identity;

Costs and Financing

UQAM does not offer financial aid for international students participating in the NSE exchange programs. For all questions concerning financial aid, please contact the NSE coordinator at your home university.

Preparing for Your Stay

Before Leaving

If the duration of your studies at UQAM is longer than six (6) months, you must obtain the following documents before your arrival in Quebec :


ATTENTION! If you intend to undertake an internship while studying at UQAM, you must possess a work permit as well as a study permit. If you do not obtain a work permit, you will not be able to undertake an internship in Quebec while participating in your exchange program.

Mandatory Health Insurance

The law governing Quebec health insurance requires that foreign students be in possession of valid health insurance for Quebec. Consequently, UQAM charges all international students mandatory insurance fees of 300.00 $ CAN per semester. These fees may change without prior notice.

Please note that no insurance obtained in your country of origin will exempt you from UQAM’s fees for medical coverage.


The Service d'hébergement de l'UQAM (UQAM Accommodation Service) offers students a list of apartments and rooms for rent. UQAM also possesses university residences for its students. To reserve a room in residence, you must provide your official admission letter from UQAM as well as your permanent code.
If you haven’t found permanent accommodations before arriving in Montreal, the Service d'accueil des étudiants internationaux (International Student Services) has a list of temporary accommodations where you can stay until you find a place for the duration of your studies. You will find this list at the following address.
For more information regarding these services, please consult the website of l’Accueil des étudiants étrangers.