First, contact the NSE program coordinator at your institution to verify your eligibility.

 You should identify the degree program you wish to apply for and verify your eligibility.

All the courses chosen by the student must be part of the same degree program (for example, the Bachelor’s program in Geography OR the Bachelor’s program in Political Science).

Information regarding programs and courses offered is available at the university Registrar’s website under Programmes. There you will find a list of courses that make up each program. You will have to verify if the courses you choose are offered during the semester(s) you will be attending UQAM. Pay particular attention to the schedule of the chosen courses to avoid any academic conflicts.

You must register on time. Class attendance is mandatory.

To be a full-time student in an undergraduate program (Bachelor), you must register for a minimum of four (4) courses (12 credits) and a maximum of five (5) courses per semester. Most undergraduate courses are 45 hours per semester in length or three (3) hours per week during 15 weeks.

The UQAM Registrar will send you the official decision (acceptance or refusal) by mail after June 1. You will receive a permanent code (a UQAM ID code). This code will be used to identify you for all subsequent communication and will give you access to all other UQAM services.