Exchange agreement between the University of Quebec in Montreal ans Kyoto University of foreign studies

Based upon the principles of equality and reciprocity, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in Kyoto, Japan (hereinafter referred to as KUFS) and the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, (hereinafter referred to as UQAM) agree to the following terms and conditions with the intention of deepening the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding between the two institutions and mutually striving to promote scientific and cultural exchange activities:

"Home Institution" shall mean the institution at which the student is currently enrolled. "Host Institution" shall mean the institution that has agreed to receive students from the Home Institution.
"Exchange Student" shall mean a student for whom reciprocal obligations exist for the home institution to accept for enrollment such student from the host institution subject to the conditions laid down in this Agreement.

Number of Exchange Students:
The number of exchange students shall not exceed four (4) students per institution per year. Two (2) exchange students enrolling for one (1) semester of study shall be deemed equivalent to one (1) student enrolling for one (1) academic year. However, the host institution may exercise its discretion in considering the appropriate timing for admission of exchange students to its courses.

Balance of Exchanges:
The numbers of exchange students participating from each institution shall be balanced by the end of the five (5) year term of this Agreement and may vary in any given year.

Duration of Exchanges:
The period of stay of each exchange student at the host institution shall not exceed one (1) full academic year.

Selection of Exchange Students:
The home institution shall be responsible for selecting candidates for placement at the host institution. Students from KUFS must provide results from an official test to confirm their level of French, which must be equivalent to B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The host institution shall have the right to make the final decision regarding the admission of each candidate. Exchange students shall be full-time students at the home institution and have completed at least one (1) year of undergraduate study or possess equivalent academic ability.

Admission Procedures:
The home institution shall forward to the office in charge at the host institution by the established deadline each year a list of the exchange students nominated, together with the appropriate documentation required by the host institution. The host institution shall inform the home institution of its final decision regarding each proposed admission as soon as possible. April 1st is the deadline to receive applications from KUFS at UQAM for the following academic year (Fall and Winter Semesters). Deadline for UQAM students to apply at KUFS for spring semester is November 30, and for fall semester is April 30.

Enrollment of Students:
Exchange students shall be accorded the same rights of regular students at the host institution and may enroll in any course offered by the host institution subject to the host institution's standard rules and regulations.

Tuition Fees:
Exchange students shall pay normal tuition and other fees to their home institution in accordance with that institution's rules and regulations. Each host institution shall waive examination, matriculation, and tuition fees for exchange students.

Financial Responsibility of Exchange Student:
Exchange students shall provide for their own housing, board, books, transportation, health insurance, medical care, passports, visas, and other personal expenses.

The host institution shall find the student suitable alternative accommodation. However, the payment of all rents and other charges shall be the sole responsibility of the exchange student.

Transfer of Credits:
At the end of each semester, the host institution shall send an official academic transcript for each exchange student to his/her home institution. It shall be the sole responsibility of the home institution to decide how many transfer credit units the student may receive for courses taken at the host institution.

Expulsion of Students:
Each institution reserves the right to expel any exchange student at any time for academic or personal misconduct in violation of its established regulations. Such expulsion shall first be discussed and agreed upon by both institutions.

Obligation of Students to Return Home on Completion of Their Studies:
Upon completion of an exchange student's studies at the host institution, the exchange student shall return to the home institution without fail. No extension of stay shall be permitted without the express authorization of the home institution to the contrary.

Use of Facilities and Services:
The host institution shall grant exchange students access to the same facilities normally available to its own students.

Assistance with Visa Applications:
The host institution shall provide exchange students with both the necessary information about visas and the relevant documents and all other assistance for visa applications as may be required by the immigration laws and regulations of the host country. However, it shall be the sole responsibility of the exchange student to complete the procedures.

Exchange students shall arrange health and accident insurance as designated by the host institution. Exchange students from KUFS shall join the Insurance specified by UQAM. Students from UQAM shall join the Japanese National Health Insurance scheme regardless of the length of their stay. In addition, they should arrange liability insurance and personal accident insurance to cover them for the duration of their stay in Japan.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
Exchange students shall observe the rules and regulations set forth by the host institution as well as the immigration laws and regulations of the host country.

Intellectual Property Rights:
This Agreement shall not be construed as any transfer, assignment or infringement of any intellectual property rights between the two institutions.

Data Protection:
Both institutions shall collect, process, use, disclose and otherwise manage personal information only for the purposes of fulfilling their obligations under this Agreement.
Both institutions shall ensure that personal information is not used for any purpose other than that for which it is collected.

Administration and Communications:
The Director of the International Office at UQAM and the Dean of the Department of  International Relations at KUFS shall be responsible for all communications and administration relating to student exchanges.

Exchange of Faculty and Staff Members:
Encourage and facilitate the exchange of faculty and staff members. This may include appointment as visiting professors, exchange of professors for instructional purposes, and giving facilitative assistance to short-term visits by faculty and staff members for study and research.

Exchange of Publications:
Both institutions will facilitate the exchange of university publications and other related materials.

Force Majeure:
Neither institution shall be liable for any failure or delay to perform its part of this Agreement when such failure is due to Act of God, war, armed conflict, civil disturbance, legal restrictions, riots, insurrections, strikes, earthquake, flood, fire, explosion or any cause beyond the control of the institutions; provided that a written notice of the commencement and cessation of the circumstances excusing performance shall be as quickly as possible.

Term and Termination:
This Agreement shall commence on 07/10/2013 and supersede all previous negotiations and agreements between the institutions relating thereto. Either institution wishing to terminate this Agreement shall notify the other institution in writing at least six (6) months prior to termination. Such notification of termination shall not affect the status of students who have already been accepted for programs initiated prior to the termination of this Agreement. This Agreement shall remain in force for five (5) years from the date of commencement. It may, however, be extended automatically with the mutual consent of both institutions.

Controlling Language:
This Agreement is in both English and Japanese languages and both institutions agree that these duplicate versions are authentic.

This Agreement is made in good faith and any conflict that may arise with respect to its interpretation, formalization, and fulfillment will be resolved by agreement between both institutions.


Date: October 7, 2013


Dr. Robert Proulx                           


Dr. Yoshikazu Morita
Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Directors
Kyoto University of Foreign