EAIE 2018

September 11-14, Geneva, Switzerland


Cloé de Garie Fortin, International Mobility Advisor and Francis Brown, International Partnerships and Development Advisor wish to make new contacts with colleagues from universities in the region.

UQAM is interested in strengthening the links already established with partners from all over the world. UQAM has already signed a series of partnership agreements with European universities, but would like to take advantage of its participation to EAIE to further expand its activities with European universities. In particular, UQAM aims at increasing the diversity of its student exchanges, and at promoting its capacity in research.

For appointment during the Conference, please contact by email Cloé de Garie Fortin or Francis Brown.

Cloé de Garie Fortin

Cloé de Garie Fortin
International Mobility Advisor

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Photo : Émilie Tournevache


Francis Brown


Francis Brown
International Partnerships and Development Advisor

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Photo : Émilie Tournevache



Our main interests in research are :

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Communication and Governance
  • Geology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Health and Society
  • Tourism
  • Globalization
  • International Relations and Security Issues
  • Social Studies
  • Women Studies
  • Fine arts, Design and Multimedia
  • Education
  • Management and Economy
  • Project management
  • Urban studies


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