Information for Foreign Students

Admission to UQAM

For practical information concerning the steps to take in order to come and study at UQAM, consult the : Practical Guide for Foreign Students (French), published by Student Services.

Exchange Programs

A list of universities from which students can come to UQAM by participating in an exchange program.

Postdoctoral Trainees/Researchers

UQAM can accept postdoctoral trainees/researchers who come for a set period of time to do laboratory research. Anyone interested in doing a postdoctoral practicum at UQAM should contact the research group that interests her or him.

Summer School

Intensive French and English courses are offered throughout the summer.

French test at UQAM

The Registrariat publishes information on the policy of French at UQAM and description of the activities of French tests: Test of French at UQAM (French).