If you wish to apply to the NSE exchange program, you must first verify your eligibility by contacting the NSE exchange coordinator at your home university.

The names and contact information of the NSE coordinators can be found on the NSE website.

While participating in the NSE exchange program :

  • you will remain enrolled at your home university ; 
  •  your tuition fees will be paid to your home university and not to UQAM(plan B) ; 
  •  the credits you receive at UQAM will be applied to your home university degree program; 
  •  you will continue to receive the financial aid for which you are eligible from your home university

To participate in the NSE exchange program at UQAM, you must meet the following requirements : 

  • To have completed a minimum of one year of full-time of study in your program at your home university; 
  •  To remain enrolled full-time in that same program during your stay at the host university; 
  •  To have an excellent academic record; 
  •  To master French and to provide the proof; 
  •  To obtain the approval for your course selection at UQAM from your program director;
  •  To meet any other specific requirements from your home institution and from UQAM.

ATTENTION: Certain programs at UQAM are not open to NSE exchange students. Furthermore, certain programs have limited openings. Please consult the NSE coordinator from your Campus.