Research and Creation at UQAM

UQAM has established itself as one of the leading research universities in Canada. Each year, UQAM receives over 65 million dollars in grants and research contracts. In addition to numerous laboratories and research groups, the University has 26 Canada Research Chairs, 25 Research Chairs in Innovation, 34 Institutional Research Centres, 3 NSERC Industrial Research Chairs, four UNESCO Chairs (international chairs), 8 UQAM strategic Chairs and 6 Institutes. It also offers more than 140 programs at the graduate level.

For the period 2014-2019, the strategic direction of research and creation is organized around these five main poles of development. The University asserts its determination to push the boundaries of knowledge and to strengthen the links between research and education at the three levels of study.

  • Cognition, creation, learning
  • Territorial and environmental issues
  • Cornerstones of digital and technological development
  • Identity, culture and society
  • Individual and community health, prosperity and well-being

Special attention is given to teaching the next generation through the integration of student research projects and the presence of numerous Canadian and international postdoctoral fellows.

The University’s research and creation activities are characterized by their far-reaching benefits to society at large, making UQAM a model in knowledge mobilization. UQAM also attaches great importance to collaborative research projects which aim to meet the demands and needs of communities.

In addition to the Office of International Relations, three other services support the development of research and creation at UQAM through their various activities: